Forms & Templates

Informed Consent 

When it comes to informed consent forms my first suggestion would be to contact your malpractice carrier. They may have specific forms they want or prefer you to use. 

If your malpractice carrier does not have specific consent forms you could create your own or use the ones I have provided as a template. Some of these were created by OMSNIC and are the ones I use everyday in my practice.

Alveoloplasty (OMSNIC)
Biopsy (OMSNIC)
Frenectomy (OMSNIC)
Coronectomy (OMSNIC)
Dental Implant (OMSNIC)
Dental Implant Removal (OMSNIC)
General Informed Consent Template
Soft/Hard Tissue Grafting (OMSNIC)
Tooth Extraction (OMSNIC)
Tooth Extraction Template
Tori Removal (OMSNIC)